Some Things Overheard

June 5, 2011

Sometimes people mistake quietness for not existing.   That’s the only reason I can come up with for why people have loud and stupid conversations near me.  Either that, or they think that when I read a book, my ears suddenly stop working.  Whenever I take a break at work I sit in the break room with a book.  Sometimes I have a snack or lunch.  My co-workers sit down with other co-workers and have loud and ridiculous conversations that I can’t help but listen to.  This is one such conversation:

Jane:  I’m going to a Jewish funeral thing this weekend. They’re sooo different then ours!

Mary: They are?

Jane: You know they’re done really fast?  Like y’know how we have wakes? They don’t!  They just do the funeral thing and then it’s over.

Mary: Wow

Jane: I know! Makes us kind of morbid actually.  Like why are they so long? We sit with the dead body for like days. That’s pretty creepy.  Actually I’m Italian so my family usually doesn’t even pay attention to the body at all. They just talk and talk and it’s like HELLO! There’s a dead body in the room. Anyone remember that?

Mary: Yeah, I’m Greek and we get loud too, but usually from being upset..

Jane: Uh huh. Weird.  So why don’t Jews believe in Jesus?

Mary: I don’t know. I think some of them do.

Jane: Really?

Mary: Yeah, I think it depends on the Jew.  There are different kinds.

Jane: Yeah, that’s true.

Now go back and read that conversation again with this knowledge- about 40% of the people in my company are Jewish. Including me. I’m sitting 4 feet away from them and they never bother to ask me, or discuss asking someone else in the company.  The conversation actually started with Jane wondering what kind of cookies Jews are allowed to eat, and then having to explain she’s going to a Jewish funeral and wants to bring something, but doesn’t know what. She actually asked someone who is Jewish what cookies to bring, but can’t think to ask about the whole “Jesus thing”.  Then they speculated for like 5 mins about what you actually do at a Jewish funeral, and they really came up with nothing. These girls are in their mid-twenties, how did they reach this age and not know that Jewish people don’t believe Jesus is the son of God? Is it that tricky of a concept? If Jews believed in Jesus.. then we would be called Christians.  That’s pretty much the main dividing point between Jews & Christians.

Trust me, I wish I did not hear that conversation. It bothered me. All day. It’s really a very simple idea and neither of these girls has a clue.  I was busy ‘reading’ my book, so of course I couldn’t correct them. I was also hoping to be distracted by the book and not have that conversation stuck in my head. I’ve been working for this company for about 3 years now, and that wasn’t even the worst conversation I’ve heard. Just the most recent.

I know, now you’re wondering “oh what could be worse then that?” Don’t worry, I’ll tell you in another post.